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Scam Alert

Scam & Fraud Alerts

Scam Alert: Spotting Fraudulent Activities In The Name Of MoRE 2.0 Conference

It has come to our attention that there have been reports of fraudsters posing as representatives of renowned conferences like the MoRE 2.0 Conference. These individuals have been attempting to collect personal information and money from conference attendees. Using our Scam Alerts page, we remind all attendees to be wary of any suspicious activity or requests for your details or money.

If you receive any communication that appears to be from a representative of the MoRE 2.0 Conference, please verify the legitimacy of the source before providing any information or money. The MoRE 2.0 Conference will never ask for personal information or money from attendees. If you've any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

Cautionary Advisory From MoRE 2.0 Conference For Scam Prevention

Attending conferences can be an excellent way to network, learn, and keep up with the latest industry developments. Unfortunately, there are a number of scammers that are out there that are trying to take advantage of unsuspecting conference participants. To ensure that you don't fall victim to these scams, it's important for us that you spot fraudulent conferences. Here are some tips to help you detect fraudulent activity:

  • One of the most common signs of a scam conference is an unrealistic promise and a sense of urgency. We urge you not to let scammers and fraudsters cloud your best judgment.
  • When attending a conference, it's vital to be aware of any required upfront fees. Many scam conferences will require a fee before the event, which should be a red flag.
  • If you receive a call posing as a MoRE 2.0 Conference representative, it's a good idea to look for reviews of the website the caller is willing to make a registration on.
  • Look for reviews of the website the caller is prepared to make a registration on if you get a call pretending to be a MoRE 2.0 Conference representative.
Preventing Scam, Spam & Fraud: An Advisory From MoRE 2.0 Conference Team
  • Attendee passes for the MoRE 2.0 Conference are not refundable. So, denounce it as a scam to the global marketing conference's customer service team if a stranger approaches you and offers you an entirely refundable pass.
  • The Attendee Pass may be being sold fraudulently on social media by someone claiming to be the official representative of the MoRE 2.0 Conference. We don't operate like that!
  • You won't ever need to use an Amazon Gift Card, a money order, or any other tier-one gift card to pay for our all-inclusive Attendee Pass. Attendee passes for the MoRE 2.0 Conference are not transferable.

Thank you for your cooperation and please reach out to us ASAP if you feel a scammer or fraudster pretending to be affiliated with us is contacting you.

For informational purposes only.